Main production range

Our production range

C.P.E. OPUS Prague a.s. is the only company in the Central Europe which manufactures ice-hockey equipment for ice-hockey players as well as for goal-keepers in all of the sizes (senior, junior, boy).

We offer you shoulder pads, elbow pads, shinguards, gloves, athletic supporters, braces, ribano underwear, throat protectors, goalie leg pads, catchers, blockers, body armours, hockey pants, hockey bags etc. We also make in-line hockey and street hockey pants.

Our company is one of a few producers in the world which makes riot horse protectors. The set of protectors consists of chest guard, front and back leg guards, eyes visor, nose guard (the nose guard can be used independently without a visor) and transport bag. The horse riot protectors are made on request only.

We also make riot and training suits for security forces in the cooperation with the Finnish company C.P.E. Production Oy

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