About us

C.P.E. OPUS Prague a.s.

C.P.E. OPUS Prague a.s. is the only company in the Central Europe which manufactures ice-hockey equipment for hockey players as well as for goalkeepers for the all of age categories (senior, junior, boy))

Our production range includes shoulder pads, elbow pads, shinguards, hockey gloves, jockstraps, braces, ribana uderwear, neck protectors, goalie leg pads, catchers, blockers, body armours, hockey pants for player and goalies as well, hockey bags and many  others products. We  offer  inline hockey, street hockey and referee trousers.

Our offer...

  • more than 90 years of experience
  • craftsmanship of our sewing operators
  • reliability and seriousness
  • top quality
  • modern cutting and sewing machines

We can produce for you:

  • sports and other bags according to your requirements
  • protectors for ice hockey and related sports based on your  samples
  • riot control suits and training suits
  • riot horse protectos (chest guard, leg guards, eyes and nose guards)
  • anything our production possibilities allow us

Your safety is our first priority

We have been producing almost all our hockey gear   in the Czech Republic again since 2016. We focus on the high quality as well as on the  safety of our products.

Our protectors have been extensively tested at the Research Institute for Occupational Safety in Prague and their quality and safety has been confirmed by  the  assigned certificates.

As one of the few in the world produce pads for police horses

Since 1923

The history of the company „OPUS“  has been written since 1923. The company has gained a good brand name during  more than 90  years of its existence. In the beginning the company was specialized in making horse harness and horse-riding products, later OPUS also started to make sport bags and rucksacks and in the past 60 years it has been aiming at making ice-hockey protectors, in-line hockey protectors and protectors for similar sports in the main.

Our designers started a very good cooperation with the company Karhu Canada (later CCM, Reebok now) in 1991 and we made hundreds of thousands of ice-hockey pants for them between 1991 and 2005. We also started our cooperation with the Finnish company C.P.E. Production Oy in 1998. We have been manufacturing riot and training equipment for that company and we have already delivered thousands of such equipment to UK , Finland, France, Hungary, Israel and Norway.

We also appreciate our cooperation with the hockey players of HC Kobra Praha, who test our new hockey protectors and tell us their valuable advice and with the hockey players of SKV Kings Ceske Budejovice, who test the hockey protectors for sledge hockey. C.P.E. OPUS Prague a.s. is a sponsor of the both of them.

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